UCR ARTSblock reviews proposals from faculty and graduate students on an ongoing basis.

By proposing ideas sooner, ARTSblock can give you better access for your events, advertise those events more effectively, and deliver a more diverse programming schedule for students and the community.

Include your idea for the event, any details you may have, and the dates you'd like to hold the event. Even if your event is still in the idea stage, let us know! We'd like to focus first on locking in your event dates. Please note that October, April, and May tend to be the months that are the most requested. Dates will be granted on a first come basis, and it would be best to offer a variety of optional dates for each event that you propose.

In general, ARTSblock does not charge for use of the facility to faculty and students, as we consider the events as collaborations on research that are free and open to the public. However, they may be some small charges such as for outside security. Events that are closed to the public are usually considered a facility rental. Fees would then apply, but they are very reasonable.

Contact information:

Culver Center of the Art Artistic Director, Tyler Stallings
Tyler.stallings@ucr.edu, 951-827-1463, Contact to brainstorm on ideas or for tours

ARTSblock Events Manager, Leslie Gerretse
Leslie.gerretse@ucr.edu, 951-827-1467, Contact to brainstorm on dates, technical requirements, and rentals.