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Create and be Recognized

Photography on the Edge

California Museum of Photography

January 21 - April 15, 2006

Opening Reception

Saturday, January 21, 2006, 7pm - 9pm

CREATE & BE RECOGNIZED: PHOTOGRAPHY ON THE EDGE, curated by independent curators Deborah Klochko, former director of The Friends of Photography at the Ansel Adams Center, and John Turner, a historian and scholar of outsider art, will be the first comprehensive survey of photo-based projects created by untrained visionaries. The works of approximately fifteen of these artists will be brought together to examine the motivations, methods and materials that allowed them to create work outside the scope of the mainstream art world. On view will be a selection of 19th century albumen prints that merge methods of collage, illustration and painting with photographic imagery, thereby setting a historic precedent for many of the mixed-media works highlighted in the show. Included are works by widely recognized as well as less known visionaries such as: Steve Ashby, Morton Bartlett, Eugene von Bruenchenhein, Charles August Alber Dellschau, Howard Finster, Lee Godie, William H. Hawkins, Alexandre Lobanov, C.T. McClusky, Joe "40.000" Murphy, Richard Shaver, Robert R. Wilkinson, August Walla, and Rudy Rotter.

UCR/California Museum of Photography presents Create and Be Recognized: Photography on the Edge

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