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Dreams with Sharp Teeth

Directed by: Erik Nelson

96 minutes | Unrated


Friday, February 11, 2011, 7pm - 9pm

Erik Nelson (Grizzly Man), at 24 years old, began Dreams with Sharp Teeth as a proposed PBS documentary on science fiction and fantasy writers. Completed only 25 years later, the film serves to bring to life the magnetic personality of imaginative literature's biggest star, Harlan Ellison. Dreams features appearances from Robin Williams and author Neil Gaiman. 

"'Dreams' recalls the career of a runty young geek, Harlan Ellison, who evolved into a world- famous artist - and ladies' man, civil rights advocate and, from the look of his Xanadu-like Hollywood hideout (aptly nicknamed the lost Aztec Temple of Mars), a fiercely committed collector and pack rat." - Nathan Lee, New York Times

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