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Directed by: Vikram Gandhi

USA | 84 minutes | Unrated


Friday, July 13, 2012, 7pm - 9pm


Saturday, July 14, 2012, 7pm - 9pm

"Prepare to have your assumptions pitched out the window by this tense, surprisingly probing satirical documentary - not just about religious longing and "spirituality," its ostensible subjects, either, but also about how deep the genre that gave us Borat and Morgan Spurlock's spotty oeuvre can go. Kumar is essentially the chronicle of a joke turned serious: Director-star Vikram Gandhi, a middle-class Indian-American from New Jersey, transforms a faltering doc project debunking bogus gurus (a couple of whom make it into the final cut, to their everlasting detriment) into an immersive lark when he assumes the movie's titular persona." - Mark Holcomb, Village Voice 

Winner, South by Southwest's Audience Award, 2011

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