The Strange Case of Angelica

Directed by: Manoel de Oliveira

94 minutes | Unrated


Friday, March 25, 2011, 7pm - 9pm

A young photographer, Isaac, is asked to photograph a recently deceased young bride. Just as he sets his camera and looks through the lens, the young woman appears to come alive. 

Manoel C├índido Pinto de Oliveira, born 1908, and currently the world's oldest active film director, reaches to the world beyond for this story of mad love and self-consuming art. 

"Because of his age and experience, de Oliveira brings a wider perspective to everything he shoots; if he places his camera in the middle of a street, he tries to convey the way it was decades ago, not just how it is now." - Noel Murray, AV Club 

"While it is evidently the work of an artist with great stores of wisdom and a long view of history, it also has a playful, wry quality that can only be described as youthful." - A.O. Scott, New York Times

Official Selection, Cannes, 2010